I was born in Naples, the city where the pizza Margherita was created to honour the queen Margherita, as they say, almost two centuries ago. This popular yet royal dish, that’s become famous all over the world, is still what I love eating the most in my life.

Imagine how happy I was when I interviewed Sara Palmieri, the 22 years old world champion of gluten free pizza!

Sara was born close to Naples, she is very young, super fanny and insanely talented!

She won two, not just one, awards: she arrived second at the European Gluten free Expo competition in Rimini in 2015 and third at the Gluten free pizza World Championship in Parma in 2016.

Her plus: a pizza dough that is light and full of taste!

We met in Paris last Summer and we spend a lovely morning together chatting pizza…of course 😉

sara palmieri
sara palmieri gluten free montanara

Chiara: What did you feel when you were diagnosed with celiac disease?

Sara: It was hard and not easy especially for someone like me who is born in Italy! But I am not a drama queen and I don´t like to complain, there is worse in life than that. My brother is a professional pizzaiolo and has his own restaurant in Nusco where I live. It’s thanks to him that I started to get to know gluten free flours and experiment about gluten free pizza. After many essays and hard work, I was able to make gluten free pizza that tasted great, that it was not a bad copy of one with gluten. I grew in confidence and I started to take part to important events and championships all over the world: from Las Vegas to Vico Equense, from Paris to Rimini. They were all enriching and precious experiences for me.

Chiara: Apart from pizza, what’s the gluten free food that you enjoyed the most?

Sara: Travelling around the world has made me discover so many different gluten free foods and it has definitely broadened my horizon. I still remember the rice noodles with steamed meat that I had in a restaurant in Las Vegas, they were so good! I am salivating just thinking about them!

Chiara: What’s your next challenge?

Sara: I am someone who likes to dream big and I love to think this is just the beginning. I want my gluten free pizza to travel the world, to share my passion and know-how with other people. I think that all people who have celiac disease or suffer from food intolerances have the right to enjoy great tasting food!

Chiara: I just would like to add….

Sara, sei grande!

sara palmieri gluten free pizza
sara palmieri gluten free pizza champion

Sara Palmieri




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