Me in Venice – Copyright Lisa Ross, photographer and dear friend.
my name is Chiara. I am the Founder of Baci di Dama. Living gluten free.


I currently live in Paris but I grew up in a lovely town called Sorrento overlooking two bays: one with the Vesuvio volcano and the other with the Galli islands where Ulysses met the sirens.
My life has always been filled with wonderful creatures and still is: I meet them everyday, I talk to them quite often, I draw them …. sometimes.
As an adult I turned to advertising and art and then one day I discovered I had celiac disease.


I remember how frustrated and annoyed I felt, especially as a girl born in Napoli, it meant good-bye pizza and pasta – and this is not an option in Italy!
Luckily years have gone by and I started to discover that gluten free food can be incredibly good, including pizza and pasta.


My journey with Baci di Dama (my favorite cookies when I was little) starts right form here, from the best gluten free pizza that I have ever tasted and my wish to share it with you as well as all the gluten free restaurants that I go to, the bakeries and coffee shops that I love the most, the products that I buy and the people that I meet.


This website is a journey, gluten free is the map I’ll use to travel along, a striving passion for fantastic gluten free food the road ahead.
I hope we will enjoy it together.


pS I know my first name might be hard to pronounce sometimes,
so here we go /kjara/, hope it helps
ppS I have decided to write this website in English because I wanted to challenge myself with a language that I love and open my gluten free world to as many people as possible. Please bare with me on any translation issues!