Baci di Dama Team 


Miss Zen, our insider outsider

Hi I’m Vero, I’m Miss Zen:  a long time blogger.

I’m an avid reader, a swimmer, a mother of a 6 years old lovely koala boy, a minimalist beginner, a bad gardener (but I do not get easily disheartened)…

I love history, tea, shoes, navy blue, walking in nature, biking, kindness, horses, good old fashion manners, “pralines”, watching series and movies, board games, jazz and organizing and simplifying all aspects of life.

I used to be an advertising executive in Paris. Then, I collapsed, I quit my job, left Paris, got back home to Brussels, bought a little house with a nice little garden.

I now work part-time, I spent a lot less, think hard about every purchase, enjoy my son, swim and bike, spend time with my mom, and plan to work around my passion : simplifying, organizing and uncluttering… and manage to grow my « potager » by 2025

For Baci di Dama Living gluten free, I will be a insider outsider: discovering something new to me, gluten free, eating it, seeing how I feel when I eat it, what I like and what I don’t… it’s a new foodie adventure to share and to enjoy together.


Valentina Tanese, our GF fresh pasta cook

Valentina cooks for passion. Born in the Puglie region in Italy, Valentina has always been in and around the kitchen since she was a little girl. It was her grandmother who taught her the techniques and the secrets of fresh pasta making, very popular in the Puglie. After a degree in architecture and a journey to Spain, she moved to Madrid where she actually lives.

There she founded Trigoduro, a blog where she teaches how to make fresh pasta with gluten and recently also gluten free! Valentina’s challenge is to show that traditional recipes can be adapted and become gluten free to make happy also people who have different food issues. Her recipes are purely Italian, coming from that special tradition that is rooted in the past but at the same time it looks ahead, that never stops to create and experiment new possibilities.


Kividesign, our graphic designers

Kividesign is a graphic design and communication studio, which was born in Turin in 2008. We use MacBooks to work, but also crayons, markers, colours and scissors.

We hate missprints and wrong justifications, except for the ones we do on purpose. We try to find solutions to problems, and we want to develop and change our skin, when it’s possible. We believe that transforming the existent is a way of creating.

We deal with editorial projects, identities, graphic coordination, web, illustration. We develop communication campaigns. We draw, paint, print, carve, screenprint, plane, stick, tear off, but we mainly discuss and imagine.

Our studio is made of trustworthy people: web, audio-video and print collaborators. Otherwise, it is made of Francesco Busso and Alessandro Viale, two different points of view: thesis and antithesis, the synthesis lies in their work.

Francesco plays music, Alessandro loves cinema.


Elisa Strona, our nutritionist

As a child Elisa has always dreamt to be a nutritionist, she started to develop an interest for food and a desire to know everything about it in order to help people be more aware and feel better with their body, especially her little brother.

Today she has made her dream come true. She works as a nutritionist for AIC (The Italian Coeliac Association), the ASL (The Local Health Board), and she develops special projects for children in schools. You can find her on Facebook where she shares her work and daily life.

Elisa has joined me at Baci di Dama. Living gluten free to work together to keep our readers well informed on the latest news, important health information and trends about eating gluten free and feel good about it.

If you happen to be in Turin, her hometown, you might cross her at the Valentino Park, her favorite spot, playing with Pochy and dreaming to go to Japan anytime soon.