Paleo and gluten free cookies!

There are projects where the first reason why they were born is love and passion, a sense of mission mixed with a sparkle and an optimistic vision: Cave and Coconut is one of them.

Cave and Coconut is a new range of artisanal, organic “paleo” cookies made in Paris that are also gluten free, refined sugars free and vegan!

Inside all the goodness of nuts (almonds, pistachio, hazelnuts…), fruit, coconut oil, coconut sugar and tons of creativity, talent and hard work.

cave and coconut gluten free paleo cookies
cave and coconut gluten free paleo cookie

Last week I met the lovely Imane Sqalli, founder of the brand, for lunch at one of my favourite Parisian restaurants, l’Abattoir Végétal.

Imane told me that she discovered the Paleo diet years ago and since then, she has been practicing it successfully for her well-being and the one of her family.

But what does Paleo mean?

Basically being on a Paleo diet, it means eating good meat and fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, good fatty oils…all the rest, well, it’s excluded, all cereals included !

Today Imane has left her job in finance to dedicate herself to this beautiful project and also to educate people “with a smile” that you can eat healthy without giving up on taste.

I can tell you that these cookies are a real boost of energy and they are full of flavour. I ate one for breakfast and then, I didn’t feel hungry for several hours, I felt the perky and satisfied during my day.

Would you like to know which ones are my fave?!? Well, the pistachio and the chocolate chips cookies 😉

Cave and Coconut has become one of my very special brands and a human project that I love to support and to follow.

Soon to come on the blog an interview to the beautiful Imane, to get to know more about her and the behind the scenes of this new, exciting paleo adventure!

cave and coconut gluten free vegan paleo cookies

Cave & Coconut 



Point of sales in Paris

Sloe Paris – 87, rue Lafayette 75009 Paris
Grenaille – 3, rue Charles Delescluze  75011 Paris
Maison Corp – 24, boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris





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