Looking for gluten free and vegan food? It’s here!

Today I would love to tell you a story about friendship and food.

And I will start it from one lovely vegetarian restaurant in Paris with a gluten free and vegan menu: Le Potager du Marais.

As from the sound of its name, you might guess that Le Potager is located in the beautiful Marais neighbourhood, one of the oldest in the city and very close to the Georges Pompidou museum.

It is specialised in vegetarian cuisine with many vegan and gluten free options available on the menu.

I can say that the choice is quite impressive and from entrées to desserts, we can really splurge.

Le Potager du Marais has actually been one of the first restaurants in Paris to cook vegetarian, and gluten free …for almost 12 years which means being pioneers here!

Recently they have started cooking also vegan to make more customers happy.

Since I have moved back to Paris three years ago, I have been coming back to this restaurant from time to time.

Why, you might ask…?!!

Because to me, it feels homey, warm, and cosy.

I love the fact that people coming here are French but also foreigners. The dishes are always fresh, tasty and gluten free of course.

my beloved gluten free friends

This time I am back to the Potager du Marais with two vibrant, young women and friends: Berta and Anne-Claire. We just attended a beautiful conference at Naturathéra on sensitive intestines and how to make us suffering from it feel better. Besides this place is great if you are looking for natural remedies or great herbal teas in the city.

Berta comes from Spain and she is planning to study medicine at the University. Anne-Claire is naturopath, she also works for Naturathéra and she has just released her second book “Naturapathy for dummies” in French. I personally find the book great and not only because Anne-Claire is a dear friend but because, for someone who has just started learning about it like myself, it sounds easy and most of all fun.

The three of us chose gluten free, vegan dishes and we were pleased to share the food we ordered.

Personally I can’t say what friendship is, I can’t give a definition of it as a dictionary can, a dictionary is useful, I can’t deny that, but still I am missing something when I read it…

So coming back at this fabulous experience we had around the table, I think that the word “sharing” has lot to do with friendship.

What friends do, they share: stories, joy, love, sorrow, also disagreement sometimes.

But with true friends, you know that dialogue is the door wide open to discussions that make us grow and move on together, side by side.

I will always remember this dinner I had with Berta and Anne-Claire one day in Paris as one of my most beautiful gluten free memories on this trip that is my blog, Baci di Dama. Living gluten free!

one delicious gluten free salad in paris
yummy gluten free antipasti at le potager du marais in paris
delicious gluten free and vegan dish at le potager du marais in paris

pS Last but not least, dessert! I had a delicious vegan and gluten free crème brûlée that I do recommend you to taste if you go to the Potager du Marais 🙂

gluten free dessert
gluten free creme brulee by Naturathéra

Le Potager du Marais

24, rue Rambuteau
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 01 57 40 98 57



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner





The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten


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