Today I have two good news to tell you about :

The first is the 5 Lorette, one of my favourite gluten free, vegan, organic restaurants in Paris has put organic and Italian gluten free pasta brand that I distribute on the menu. The brand is Felicia Bio and it’s made by the Molino Andriani in the Puglie region.

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite a while, you will be familiar with the fact that at a certain moment of this gluten free journey that is Baci di Dama, I asked some Italian brands that I love to work with them and help them being distributed in France where I currently live.

The second good news is that the 5 Lorette chef Faical Ouertani chose a pasta recipe that is utterly delicious!

5 Lorette and myself, we set the bar high as we wanted to challenge one stereotype about pasta, that it makes us get fat, that it does not rhyme with wellbeing. Well, it can! It all depends on the quantity we eat and the sauce we put on it. If we cook our pasta in a natural way, by adding quality ingredients as simple as they can be, only good fats and nutrients, in the end we will be fully satisfied and completely energised by our meal.

Here it is one precious piece of advice by Anne-Claire Meret, our beloved French naturopathic doctor:

“Gluten free pasta is perfect if you have a dynamic lifestyle and you do sport. It is easier to digest for more sensitive intestines and it gives good energy to our body without making us feel tired or bloated.”

My lunch at 5 Lorette included  a «healthy» menu with a detox salad with red radish, kale, pumpkin seeds and white sesame for starter.

My main course was the Felicia « tortiglioni » pasta (made of 4 cereals, quinoa, whole rice, corn and buckwheat) seasoned with tofu and toasted peanuts, so good!

I loved the velvet feel of the tofu and the crunchy of the peanuts. These two definitely make a nice marriage on a plate.

I also had a freshly pressed juice with apples, carrot, lemon and ginger. Rina, co-founder of 5 Lorette with her brother Yoakim, made me discover a new herbal tea by the brand Bénéfique: I took sage, it was beautiful and good at the same time.

5 Lorette and myself are eager to know what you think about the pasta and all the other fresh, homemade specialities that are on the menu at restaurant.

And as Rina told me before I left, the food at 5 Lorette is all about the 3 Bs : it’s « beau » (beautiful), « bon » (good) and « bio » (organic). I couldn’t agree more!

5 Lorette

5 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris
Tél. 01 42 06 59 28


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