Marinoë gluten free products from the sea!

Today I am happy to tell you about a French vegan and gluten free brand that I discovered during the last Veggie World fair in Paris: Marinoë.

Marinoë is specialised in the production of seaweeds from the beautiful Bretagne region in France: from spirulina to kambu royal, from nori to wakame, several kinds of seaweeds are cultivated on the seaside, everyday, with much passion and hard work.

marinoe seaweed gluten free chips
marinoe gluten free buddha bowl

The brand was born in 1992 by co-founders Marie-Dominique et Patrick, both passionate by the sea.

Their dream?

Cultivate seaweeds in order to create submarine forests, to help preserving the sea and the cost, its precious environment and delicate underworld, that are so much threatened today by massive, un-ethical industrial production.

Their motto?

Seaweeds are super foods and they are key to have a healthy diet that is both good to us and to the world we live in

The sea is incredibly rich in precious nutritious and seaweeds are part of it: they are able to absorb mineral salts; this makes them rich in protein, fibres and vitamins.

Marinoë had developed a whole range of products made of seaweeds: from salt to spreads, from pesto to broth, from desserts to chips, I think that each one of us can find a product that suits us and our daily habits.

I was very happy when the brand asked me to imagine a series of photos for them: through my blog and my work, I wish to support brands and products that I like and that I believe into: Marinoë is now part of it.

Furthermore it’s a beautiful story deeply grounded in values that I share.

I hope you will enjoy it as well.

marinoe gluten free sandwich
marinoe sandwich gluten free
marinoe gluten free avocado toast
marinoe gluten free tagliatelle


The brand is on sale in France at:
Eau Vive
La Vie Saine
Nouveaux Robinson





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