Teo & Bia hazelnut spread

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure to introduce you the first nutella aka hazelnut and chocolate cream in the world to be made of three simple and pure ingredients: hazelnut + raw sugar + cocoa!

Alessandra and Mathieu from CIAO-GUSTO made me discover this revolutionary product from the Italian brand TEO&BIA that is also gluten free, lactose-free, and organic. As a kid, I grew up eating nutella and tasting this one, may I say… Che bontà!

Mathieu created CIAO-GUSTO in 2014 with the passion and the objective to source the best Italian products – crafted with top quality ingredients – and made them well known all over the world.

TEO&BIA is just fantastic, the price is a bit higher than ordinary hazelnut spreads but the quality and the goodness of the product, shall I say it, pay us back.

Today I found the first fresh strawberries at the market: in French the variety I bought has one of the cutest little name that I have ever heard, “la Gariguette”.  As a foreigner, it sounds quite magic to me.

So what about hazelnut and chocolate spread  + gluten free toasted bread + strawberries for my afternoon break ?!! I felt I was in heaven.

Grazie mille Alessandra and Mathieu!

Teo & Bia



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