Supersec gluten free snack

I think I can say that we all have a thing for fresh products: the way they taste, the way they look, the properties they are supposed to have and so and so – we can’t but fall in love with them. When I went to the grocery store last w-end and discovered a newly gluten free brand of « dried » fruit and vegetables, I got curious and was eager to find out more about it.

Supersec global concept is « all the freshness minus the water ». Basically the drying technique they use allows the products (mushrooms or fruit) to preserve most of its qualities. Besides it gets easier to transport.

Supersec products range comes in small packages, with a nice and neat design, and such a taste that the only minus to me is that you want to eat the full package at once…well, at least it is what I did!

I tried the cassis one (couldn’t resist its purple colour) and strawberries as well. I enjoyed both of them.

Supersec products include also herbal teas, different kinds of flours and spices, seaweed, and some pasta that they labeled « it is not Italian but it is good nonetheless. » A toast to that !


You can also shop the products one line:

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