Le Pierre qui Tourne gluten free biscuits

La Pierre qui tourne, literally the stone that turns, is a newly discovered French brand of delicious organic gluten free cookies.

The legends says that in the forest of Compiègne, on the slope of Mount St Mard, close to a giant tree hides a peculiar stone that looks like a frog. At Christmas Eve, at midnight, the stone starts turning by itself… well, there was enough magic to inspire Benoit and Isabelle, the co-founders of La Pierre qui tourne, to call the brand after it and start baking some of the best gluten free cookies that I have ever tasted.

From rice flour to almonds, from butter to eggs, all the ingredients are natural, certified organic, top quality, selected from the best suppliers and naturally gluten free (pls just notice that there is no crossed grain logo on the package yet, so if you are really allergic to gluten, do not try them until you see that logo, they tell me they are just waiting to receive it shortly).

To start I chose the « Cardamiel » variant: I love the packaging, simple with a twist – hello, Lady roe deer in a skirt…!

And I absolutely adore the nice blend of honey and cardamom. They are perfect for my afternoon break or as they say it here in Paris « gouter ». I had them with my favorite green smoothie, kiwis + banana + vanilla rice milk. So good!

Cardamom seeds, mostly used in Indian curries, have lots of properties: basically they are good to soothe inflammations, stomach cramps and they are great to ease digestion at the end of a meal. One more reason to try them.

La Pierre qui tourne




Here in Paris I bought them at:
Bien l’épicerie
8 rue des Quatre-Fils
75003 Paris
They are also available at:
Welcome bio
10 Rue Boulle
75011 Paris


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