inSpiral gluten free chips

Today I was walking in Via San Michele del Carso in Milan and my attention was caught by an organic supermarket, Superpolo, and I couldn’t resist in entering.

Actually I am always drawn to supermarkets, I can’t say why but I can spend hours wandering among their shelves, full of so many products to see and to discover. This time, I found inSpiral, an English brand, that is organic, vegan and gluten free. It has a beautiful packaging and it offers a wide range of raw, yummy and healthy snacks. No excuses for me for not buying and trying them.

I chose the crispy purple corn kale chips coated with a cheesy-tasting cashew sauce, they were so good!

The green kale leaves are air-dried, not fried, and it is also said that purple corn is very good for our health.

I also had the Loveberry superbites, light, tasty, basically delicious.

Oh, don’t forget kale chips coated with beetroot and acerola, a real health booster! And their packs are compostable and eco friendly too, inSpiral does love our planet.




in Milan you can find inSpiral at:
via San Michele del Carso, 5
20144 Milan

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