Gluten free Kebab @Our

Big launch of the first gluten free kebab yesterday at Our in Paris. When I heard the news from Because Gus team that worked to the event I was more than happy to go and try it.

Seen the picture ?!!

Well it was as good as it looks. I loved the perfect balance between the veal, the sauce and the salad. Very tasty.

The only question that I still have is about the fresh gluten free bread that was baked for the occasion. Of course I welcome the effort that it took to make it. Working in this field myself, I know how much time and hard work it requires to make good gluten free bread.

To me it just did not look as the right form/kind of bread to use for a kebab, maybe a little bit too thick to hold all the ingredients together.

Anyway I do hope that the adventure of the gluten free kebab + fresh bread will go on as it is too cool to have such a nice place like Our that can make also us – gluten free eaters – happy and welcome. Merci !


12, rue du Paradis
75010 Paris


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
12 am- 3 pm
7- 10 pm
7 – 10 pm




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