Gli Aironi gluten free biscuits

Recently I discovered a fantastic brand of organic gluten free biscuits: Gli Aironi. Gli Aironi comes from Italy and more particularly from the Grange Vercellesi area that is well known as the heart of the European rice production.

The Perinotti family lives in the midst of this historic rice-producing landscape, where they have been farming their beautiful land for five generations.

They have invested in quality, dealing with low environmental impact farming and rediscovering the most traditional and valuable varieties of this precious cereal: rice.

Their gluten free range includes some of the best gluten free biscuits that I have ever tasted: rice flour + coffee, so good! For my post cover picture I enjoyed inventing a new coffee to drink: morning paper + rice milk cappuccino + coffee, well… the coffee is in the biscuits, I swear it 😉

The chocolate and spices ones are so good as well. Instead of having the chocolate in the cup, it’s in the biscuit. I enjoyed them for my breakfast: their shape is so cute, they look like petals to me.

Gli Aironi also thought about our lunch and created these salted biscuits with rice flour + tomato + oregano: they are delicious and kind of playful too viewing their small size and round shape.

You can enjoy them for an after work « aperitivo », on a Sunday barbecue or, as I did, with a salad for a quick lunch break.

To discover who’s behind the Aironi brand, read my interview to the founders Michele Perinotti and Gabriele Conte:

Gli Aironi


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