Eric Kayser Bakery

Eric Kayser is an institution in Paris: he is one of the most skillful artisan baker who has developed during the years top quality bread using and mastering liquid leaven, technical innovations, new recipes and a constant search for the best ingredients.

When I lived in Paris for the first time, in 2004, when I got off work and out of the metro Odéon I used to walk to his shop in rue de l’Ancienne Comédie and would buy the baguette tradition or the baguette with raisins, my favorite actually.

When I came back to Paris for the second time, in 2012, I knew I had celiac disease and thought I would never step into one of his shops ever. Well, never say never…! One year ago Kayser answered the raising demand of French people for gluten free bread and started to make his own.

And even though it is not baguette, now you can enjoy the « Gonesse » bread with rice flour, the « Mendiant » with rice flour, buckwheat and dried fruit, the buckwheat bread that I just bought as I love its flavor and dark color; he also makes one with chickpeas flour. And there is leaven in all of them.

At lunch Kayser serves special menus that include also fresh homemade gluten free sandwiches with salmon or with ham. I would suggest you drop by if you are anywhere near the Louvre or Opéra, his shop is just right there.

He also makes gluten free cakes, brownies, muesli, and cookies like these that I am enjoying right now for breakfast. Muesli, raisins & pumpkin seeds + chocolate & sesame seeds cookies with my green tea. They are so good, can’t wait to be back.

Eric Kayser

4 rue de l’Echelle
75001 Paris


Opening hours

7.00 am to 8.30 pm



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