Once upon a time there was Agathe, a lively, passionate woman who had a dream about eating organic, healthy, good-for-you food and a place between home and work where everybody could enjoy it.

One day, along with her associate Damien with whom she shared the same passion, that dream became the Café Pinson in Paris, a juice bar, a coffee place, and restaurant, all rolled up into one. The Café Pinson has soon become the hot spot to be in town and the reality has overcome the dream. Luckily for me, they serve food that is also gluten free.

I love the design of the café imagined by the talented Dorothée Meilichzon: to me it looks like just the perfect combination of modern and vintage styles, with a touch of nostalgia, a sprinkle of contemporary, comfortable couches, and the lively chit-chat of people around you who are enjoying the same simple, good things that you are.

At Café Pinson you can enjoy food that is gluten free but also vegetarian, vegan-friendly, 100% organic and dairy-free.

The ingredients are selected with care, fruit and vegetables are always seasonal. Super foods are also on the menu and you can find kale, chia, spirulin, sprouts, freshly pressed juices, raw food like raw cacao, and so much more.

At breakfast and lunch they serve special menus and here I am enjoying one.

For starter I took a pinky-can’t-stop-looking-at-you vegan pannacotta with herbs and beetroot coulis, sesame seeds. The main course was crispy white beans balls with tomato sauce, roasted potatoes and vegetables with thyme and curry, fresh salad.

For dessert I had one of my favorite ever: the apple crumble! Served with Pukka three ginger herbal tea, it was the perfect comfort food.

For the cover picture of this post, I choose to display Pinson gluten free madeleine.

Today I tried those with lemon and poppy seeds, but at Pinson they also make them with vanilla, chocolate, nuts.

And because I’m talking madeleine I can’t but talk Marcel Proust and not because it’s cliché, I know you might think that 😉 actually reading his book « A la recherche du temps perdu«  has been one of the most intense and beautiful experiences of my life and if you happen to be in Paris, at Pinson or anywhere around, I would recommend, well, not the +++ volumes of « La recherche », but a small yet wonderful book that Samuel Beckett wrote on Marcel Proust, and before these two my words get silent.

Pinson 10e 

58 rue du faubourg poissonnière
75010 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 45 23 59 42









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