Against the Grain gluten free biscuits

Everyone who loves cookies as much as myself cannot but welcome Against the Grain. I like so much this sassy English brand of organic, wheat, dairy & gluten free cookies.

As a foreigner, I see packaging as classic English beauty: it looks so elegant, the typo, the colors, it works like the perfect introduction to the fantastic taste of the products you are about to eat.

Against the Grain philosophy is simple but straight to the point: being committed to take the natural approach, saying no to additives and believing that food should be fun for everyone.

I currently live in Paris and whenever I go to London I rush at Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington to bring some of these cookies back home with me. This time I chose the Berry Delicious with almonds, cranberries, sweetened with apple juice and warmed with spices. Delicious!

And of course I couldn’t say no to the Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut Cookies. Even my friend Stefania who hosted me during my stay in London and who is a convinced gluten eater couldn’t feel the difference and enjoyed eating them as much as I did.

Against the Grain


Available also at:
Whole Foods Market
63-97 Kensington High Street The Barkers Building
London W8 5SE
Phone: 0044 (020)73684500
Opening Hours
Mon to Sat
8am to 10pm
Sun 12 noon to 6pm

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