My friends have been telling me to absolutely go and check out Yummy and Guiltfree, the first gluten free bar à gaufres here in Paris that is also lactose free and 100% organic.

Yesterday I decided to go and was so happy about it.

I do love waffles and theirs are just delicious! You can choose among savoury and sweet ones. I opted for a menu that included both.

I had “La Fish” made of codfish, mashed potatoes and fresh lemon zest. It was so good! I found the waffle dough so light, soft and tasty.

As dessert, I chose “La Vahinée” with vanilla cream: to die for !

There are also available, “La Croque Monsieur” with ham, gruyère cheese and mushroom; “La Nature”, with or without sugar, “La Dimanche” with vegan whipped cream, “La Stache” with pistachio cream and “La petite robe noir” with chocolate praline…who doesn’t love a little black dress…!?!!

At Yummy and Guiltfree, they tell me that starting from September there will be more flavours on the menu so more options to choose from and most of all new delicious waffles to taste 🙂

The bar à gaufres is located inside the Blue courtyard of the BHV Homme in the Marais neighbourhood: the ambience is cool, relaxed and friendly, it makes a nice break from the crowded streets outside. Besides I always find so beautiful to take some time and have a walk in the Marais: there are some of the oldest palais of the city. I find it enchanting every time I go.

Yummy and Guiltfree

3, rue du Temple
75004 Paris
Also at Gare de Lyon (Hall 3)



Opening hours

Open Daily
11 am – 7 pm









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