Yuman restaurant

Opened in 2013, Yuman restaurant and épicerie fine has soon become a reference point for those who are looking for organic, locally sourced, home-made tasty food in the city of Paris.

At Yuman the objective is to propose a menu that can please everybody: you will always find options that are gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian or with meat.

I went there on Sunday and I met with naturopath and friend Amandine Divay for brunch. We talked about eating great food, the environment, responsibility, and love.

I liked that for brunch, depending on your desires, you can choose between a sweet option or a savoury one, or, as I did, enjoy both!

The menu can vary depending on the season and the chef’s creativity.

The sweet side of my gluten free brunch included fresh gluten free corn bread, jams, butter, nuts, fromage blanc with figs coulis, chocolate mousse, fresh fruit salad, one hot drink, a fresh home-made juice with apple, ginger, carrots and orange.

The savoury dish was a mix of home-made smoked salmon (divine!), scrambled eggs, a selection of French cheese, chickpea and eggplant houmous, salad and fruit.

Yuman philosophy stands actually in its name: for the Incas, Yumani is the place where the sun rises. Yuman stands for light, for an approach “éclairé” (enlightened) to food.

For Gilles Tessier, founder of Yuman, eating is an act of responsibility towards ourselves in the first place, towards the others and our planet. By changing the way we eat, what we eat, how we eat it, we can actually contribute to improve the quality of our life and the environment we live in.

Phonetically Yuman is also a play-on-words with woman, human, you man, it sounds like a call to action thanks to food, sharing and love.

The restaurant has a nice terrace to sit outside when the sun is shining. I liked also the design inside as well as the épicerie fine where many interesting organic products are selected with care.

Gilles told me that another of their gluten free specialties is risotto served during the week. I love risotto so much, can’t wait to be back and try his!

Yuman restaurant

70 Rue du Chevaleret
75013 Paris
Tel + 33 (0)1 73 74 44 79


Opening hours

Monday 9.30 am – 4 pm
Tue – Fri 9.30 am – 12 pm
10. 30 am – 12 pm
Sunday brunch
11.30h – 4 pm


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