Yum is one of my very favourite magazines ever!

I discovered it quite recently and since I started the Baci di Dama. Living gluten free project a few months ago.

Yum Magazine is the brainchild of Bianca Shugg, editor and publisher, who created it along with an experienced and talented publishing team: Vanessa Russell, creative director, Naomi Vasington for the photography and Wendy Somerville for all the yummy gluten free recipes.

Yum is the latest Australian online magazine celebrating, exploring, understanding, informing and reviewing anything and everything gluten free.

A digital version is also available on the Apple store and this is how I got hooked 😉

What attracts me about projects like Yum is the vision they have and that I completely share: gluten free food is incredibly good and furthermore, it is good for everybody, not only celiacs like myself or people who are sensitive and intolerant to gluten.

Food, any food, is a way to nourish ourselves but also a pleasure to share with others.

In Italy where I come from, I have often suffered from the fact that nobody wanted to eat gluten free food with me as they thought it was bad …which was sometimes true!

Today I decided to stand up to that and work to show the opposite.

Yum is celebrating gluten free food with such beauty, grace, fun, and creativity that is a pleasure for me to discover what’s up in the new issue, what are the new recipes, the people, the products.

It also great to see how gluten free is evolving in a place where I don’t live but I do hope to visit in the future.

Well…Let’s all …Yum !

To read my interview to Bianca Shugg:


Yum Magazine


Digital issue available on the Apple Store

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