Vegan and gluten, how good is that!

What a joy today to tell you about Yem’a, a new restaurant and coffee shop that opened in Paris last May, between Opéra and the Madeleine, that is organic, homemade, 100% vegan and gluten free.

The word Yem’a means mum in the Berber language and for me it was love at the first sight!

At its reins H’acina Smaïni a young, smart woman with a warm, sparkling smile that is so beautiful and contagious, and Camille Saint M’Leux a young, talented chef that has trained himself in the best Parisian Palaces.

The menu looks promising!

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I went to Yem’a one day for breakfast and another one for lunch.

In the morning I opted for the homemade granola, one slice of carrot cake, a matcha latte with coconut milk and fresh melon juice: everything was very good.

At lunch I enjoyed the Yem’a bouddha bowl that you can compose with the foods of your choice and there are many different options cooked fresh everyday.

My bowl was delicious: the vibrant colours made it beautiful to look, all the ingredients were perfectly cooked and seasoned.

This is the kind of food that cheers me up in an instant!

As dessert, I ate the chocolate chip cookie, and I can say that I loved this pretty one too.

There are so many things to taste here: the curry with vegetables, the homemade focaccia, the chocolate mousse, the avocado toasts, the porridge, the bircher muesli, and many other surprises that I let you discover when you go there.

During my breakfast, I had the chance to talk to H’acina and that is what I love the most: getting to know each other and exchanging over some glorious food. This is what true happiness is made of to me.

H’acina told me that she used to work in finance before discovering a passion for cooking ‘authentic’ food, as she likes to call it. Healthy food that is made with top quality ingredients, prepared with love, that tastes great.

Yem’a actually reflects H’acina’s lifestyle and personal choices. Gluten free is something she discovered because one of her dear friends couldn’t eat gluten. She then decided to open up a place that could welcome everyone, most of all those who still have prejudices thinking that gluten free or vegan is not that good. Well, here at Yem’a, you will definitely change your mind after discovering how good it can be 😉

H’acina and Camille compose their dishes together like a music partition: each of them adds his own personal touch, making sure it looks beautiful, it is well balanced in flavours and textures, and most of all, that it tastes good 🙂

Yem’a is definitely a place that I do recommend: friendly, smiley, warm, you will spend a happy time here, enjoying great tasting, healthy food, that is exceptionally vegan and gluten free.

yema vegan and gluten free lunch
yema vegan and gluten free cookie
yema vegan and gluten free breakfast
yema vegan and gluten free carrot cake


41 Rue Godot de Mauroy
75009, Paris



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
( Saturday too starting from October)
9 am – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday






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