Who’s Veggie Magnifique?

Today we get to know Veggie Magnifique a bit better. Veggie Magnifique is one of the blogs that I love. It is all about wellness and vitality. Today I have the pleasure to interview co-founders, Ann and Chloe.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Ann: Basically, eating gluten free is easier on the digestive system, and hence it’s better for our health. Plus commercial wheat, especially white, refined flour, has been modified over the years, so it’s not what our ancestors were eating centuries ago.

Chloe: Gluten free is also a new way of cooking that has made me discover and taste new ingredients and ways of preparing — like some vegan and gluten free pastries that are made just of dates and dried nuts. So delicious!

Ann: Plus some illnesses and conditions can be exacerbated by the consumption of wheat, like autism for example. There are many reasons to avoid gluten these days.

Chloe: Also, eating gluten can cause energy slumps.

Chiara: What is Veggie Magnifique?

Ann & Chloe: Veggie Magnifique is a Parisian community of wellness and vitality where we share recipes, holistic health information, plus where to go in Paris to get plant-based, organic, and eco products. Above all, we strive to make Veggie Magnifique authentic and honest, and we bring to it who we are as people, and our vision of a better, healthier world. Our goal is to inspire people, not in a teacher kind of way, but more so to create a tuned-in conversation that can lead to positive changes in people’s lives. Veggie Magnifique is about empowering people. And we do lots of research! We see ourselves as Paris-based detectives — always on the hunt for products, foods, and places that are the most beneficial for us as humans, the animals, and our planet.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Chloe: Every fruit and vegetable under the sun. I love also zucchini spaghetti (zoodles!) with a guacamole or sun dried tomato sauce, oh, and the vegan, gluten free pastries.

Ann: Probably brown rice noodles, or lentil or chickpea pasta. I also love quinoa — so delicious and proteinous. Oh, wait… my absolute favorite would be Chloe’s hazelnut cookies!

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Chloe: Light

Ann: Wise

Discover which yummy gluten free recipe Ann and Chloe have shared with Baci di Dama:


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