Who’s Pulsetta?

Today we get to know Pulsetta a bit better. Pulsetta is a Scottish brand specialised in tasty and nutritious gluten-free and vegan products. Dr. Karsten Karcher, CEO & Founder of Pulsetta along with his wife Anne Marie, answers to our questions.

Chiara: Why gluten-free?

Karsten: A few years ago, I developed lactose intolerance and a gluten sensitivity.

Chiara: What is Pulsetta?

Karsten: Pulsetta is a multi-award winning range of gluten-free and deliciously nutritious bakery foods from Scotland. Our Gluten-Free / Free-From / Vegan Range has won multiple Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Food. Pulsetta foods not only taste great – they are also that extra bit healthier as they are baked with pulses, such as peas & lentils. The Pulsetta Breads, Rolls and Breadcrumbs even provide 1 of your 5-a-day fruit & veg portions.

Because of my love for Italy and being able to speak some Italian, the “etta” in Pulsetta is actually Italian. “The little pulses” refers to “milled pulses”.

Chiara: What is the gluten-free food that you love the most?

Karsten: In my view, there is no better toast in the world than Pulsetta: it tastes like a wholesome bread from the good-old-days, and sets you up for for the day.

Chiara: Gluten-free is…

Karsten: Great.

Chiara: What is Pulsetta next challenge?

Karsten: Bake more tasty and nutritious foods that is enjoyed by more and more lovely folk around the world!

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