Today we get to know Nonna Paperina a bit better. Nonna Paperina is a fantastic Italian blog about food intolerance that I discovered recently despite being a reference in Italy for anybody who suffers from food allergies and still want to eat with much taste and pleasure. Nonna Paperina is also an incredible woman, Tiziana Colombo, who is also a published author of several successful recipes books. I was very happy that she accepted to answer to my questions.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Tiziana: Because today we are aware that eating too much gluten is not good for our health. Eating gluten free is not a fashion trend, it is a necessity.

Chiara: What is Nonna Paperina?

Tiziana: Nonna Paperina is a space where we talk about all kinds of food intolerance. We deal with celiac disease but also with lactose or nickel intolerance for example.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Tiziana: The best gluten free food that I have ever eaten is pepper stuffed with quinoa and hemp tofu that a friend of mine cooked for dinner once. It is a recipe that can make everybody in my family happy as we deal with different kinds of food intolerance.

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Tiziana: Eating gluten free can be good for everybody and people can benefit from a gluten free diet if they decide to vary what they eat. There are so many incredible grains like quinoa, kaniwa, amaranth, fonio, or even beans and pulses that are naturally free of gluten.

I think that during the last years, we abused about certain foods and this is why today so many people are intolerant or sensitive to gluten.

Chiara: What is your secret and what would it be your advice for somebody like myself who has just started blogging and working on gluten free?

Tiziana:  Chiara, this is a good question…

I don’t have any secret, to me taking care of food intolarance is normal, I have three children that have each different food issues. Now also my 4 years old grandson has become intolerant to lactose.

I put all of my heart in everything I do, in everything I give and I continue to give without asking for anything.

I can just give you this piece of advise: don’t give up and keep moving forward…it’s the right time today to open up a significant new path.

p.s. And don’t use ready-to-use mix of any kind !!!

To discover which recipe Tiziana has shared with Baci di Dama, click here:

Nonna Paperina





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