Who’s Niepi?

Today we get to know Niepi a bit better. Niepi is the first French magazine to focus on gluten free food. I loved it since the first issue and I am very happy to get to interview Frédérique Barral, founder and author.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Frédérique: We have been eating gluten free for six years now. My daughter and I were diagnosed with celiac disease; to us eating gluten free is key to keep ourselves in good health. At the beginning it was not easy to cook without gluten but then I started to achieve excellent results in the kitchen and the gluten free food I was cooking was actually more original and authentic than what I used to make with gluten. My husband started to enjoy it too and despite not being celiac, now we all eat gluten free at home. It is a great chance for me as it would have been difficult to avoid cross contamination with gluten.

Chiara: What is Niepi?

Frédérique: Niepi is a magazine about cooking gluten free but also about “the art of living gluten free”. I created it along with my husband. I am lucky to have him in my life that he is also a talented graphic designer who knows how to enhance my recipes, photos and articles. Niepi was born out of a desire to make the life of gluten free people easier. When I told him about this idea I had in mind, he was all for it. The magazine targets all people who are celiac, sensitive or intolerant to gluten but also those who are curious about it and simply want to reduce gluten in their diet. Niepi is full of advice, tips, ideas, reviews, travels and everything is gluten free, of course! Most of my recipes are also lactose free as it often happens that a lazy intestine has difficulties to digest lactose as well.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Frédérique: Traditional food from Indonesia like nasi-goreng or the mango sticky rice, delicious!

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Frédérique: Eating gluten free has let me re-discover creativity in the kitchen. I replaced the “holy” wheat flour with flours that are so different in textures, taste and thanks to that I could re-invent my favourite dishes, imagining new combinations. My family and friends are all enthusiast about it. For me gluten free is creativity. That’s what I would like to share and communicate with Niepi. Living gluten free does not take the beauty out of life nor the joy of sharing a great meal.


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