Today we get to know a bit better Helmut Newcake in Paris. Marie Tagliaferro – pastry chef and co-founder of Helmut Newcake along with her husband François – answers to our questions.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Marie: I have always been fond of patisserie and I was working to become a pastry chef when I discovered I had coeliac disease. I was 20 years old and the place I was working for used gluten that made me feel sick. So I decided to learn how make good and tasty gluten free cakes and tarts by myself and for myself at the beginning. Then I felt the desire of sharing what I was doing with other people as well.

Chiara: What is Helmut Newcake?

Marie: It is a play on words. My husband and I like contemporary art very much and we kind of wanted to pay homage to Helmut Newton. “Newcake” stands also for a new generation of patisserie. We opened Helmut Newcake, our pastry shop close to the Canal Saint Martin in 2011. Back then we were the first in Paris to make food that was 100% gluten free.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most eating?

Marie: It is a gluten free pizza that I ate during our holidays in Florence. I can still remember the feeling: Italy, a nice restaurant, my husband and a very good gluten free pizza!

Chiara: Gluten free is …

Marie: Innovation and gourmandise.

Chiara: What is your biggest achievement in gluten free patisserie and your next challenge?

Marie: The pâte à choux and a new range of gluten free fresh bread on sale at our pastry shop.  Today we are working on the croissant.

Chiara: Looking forward to it!


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28, rue Vignon – 75009 Paris
Tél : +33 (0)9 81 31 28 31 
For take away


Opening hours

 Tue – Sat  11.30 am – 7 pm





The kitcken handles only gluten free ingredients





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  • Avatar Re Lloyd says:

    Every time I come to Paris from Australia I come to your shop- first near the canal Dt Martin and now in rue Vignon. Everything is amazing.
    In Australia I certainly can not get pastries like these. I also had the quiche and salad yesterday which was to die for. Please please open a ” branch” in Sydney.

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