Who’s Generous?

Today we get to know the Belgian brand Generous a bit better. I am a big fan of these delicious gluten free cookies and I was very happy when Christophe Harou, co-founder of the brand, answered to my questions besides being August and half holiday time – that was really generous of him!

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Christophe: I discovered I was intolerant to gluten four years ago. My wife discovered she suffered from an autoimmune disease and had to avoid gluten from her daily diet as well. At the time we used to go eating at the L’Arrière-Cuisine in Brussels because we loved their fresh gluten free bread. One evening we started to talk about an idea we had in mind with Aurélie and Jean-Benoît, the couple running L’Arrière-Cuisine, they got enthusiast about it and “the fil en aiguille” Generous brand was born.

Chiara: What is Generous?

ChristopheI am very “gourmand” and I wanted to create gluten free products that could be so good that everybody would love to eat them. Generous cookies are all certified organic, gluten free and prepared following the Belgian tradition of pastry baking. My wife and I worked on the brand image: we wanted it to be cheerful, generous, playful, a brand that could make people smile. Aurélie and Jean-Benoît on the other side created all the recipes.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you loved the most?

Christophe: Charlotte chocolat cookies: it is my daily “gourmandise”

Chiara: Gluten free is…

ChristopheAn opportunity to discover new tastes and flavours like buckwheat for example. Eating gluten free for people suffering from allergies, celiac disease or gluten sensibilities can be a constraint but definitely a positive one!

Chiara: What is Generous next challenge?

Christophe: Have our brand continue to grow and develop our team as well.

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