Who’s Alimenta 2000?

Today we get to know Alimenta 2000 a little bit better. Alimenta 2000 is a an Italian gluten free brand based in Somma Vesuviana and it is a family-run business. Today we talk to part of this family: Claudio and Gabriella Auriemma and Giacomo Fiorillo, who share the same passion, know how and enthusiasm for great gluten free food, answer to our questions:

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Claudio: Our uncle’s daughter was diagnosed with a severe form of celiac disease when she was few months old. Later on his wife discovered she had the same disease. This is why he came up with the idea to start making gluten free food that was as good as its gluten counterpart. Alimenta 2000 was born in Somma Vesuviana, in Italy, in 1998 and was a pioneer in producing good looking, tasty gluten free food, as back then there weren’t many options that were that good.

Chiara: What is Alimenta 2000?

Giacomo: Alimenta 2000 started as an artisanal gluten free bakery and pastry pasty shop supplying fresh gluten free food locally. With the increasing customers’ demand and the growing market opportunities, it became a company in 2000. Today we have expanded our products range and we have a new siege. The objective is still the same: combine tradition and know how of one of Italy finest culinary tradition with innovation.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Gabriella: Our taralli with almonds and also our biscuits made of almond pastry such as the “amaretti del Vesuvio” and the “cartucce”.

Claudio: our gluten free “pastiera napoletana” cake.

Chiara: Gluten free is …

Claudio: A different way of experiencing food. A lifestyle.

Gabriella: Lightness. Because you can feel light and relieved today as you can find so many good gluten free products available on the market. Also discernment because when you eat gluten free, you start paying more attention to the food you eat, to the quality you buy, to the the ingredients.

Chiara: The achievement in gluten free food making that you are most proud of ?

Giacomo: The gluten free croissant, so soft, so tasty.

Chiara: And your next challenge?

Claudio: The famous “sfogliatella napoletana” and improve our bread range, we are working all the time to make better gluten free products.

Gabriella: At Alimenta 2000 we work on taste and flavour because we want our products to be as good as those with gluten. We are also focused on the products aesthetic so when you eat one of our products you won’t see or feel the difference with a similar one with gluten.

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Alimenta 2000

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80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA)
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