Who’s Anne-Claire Meret?

Anne-Claire Meret is a naturopath, a published book author, and a dear friend of mine. To me Anne-Claire is a human being made of light: whenever we meet, she has an aura typical of those people who have a compassionate heart towards life and towards the others. For the coming up of her new cook book “Recettes Gourmande Detox”, written with Garlone Bardel, I share a tea time with Anne-Claire to interview her on her life, projects, challenges and dreams.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Anne-Claire: I am a naturopath and I work, study and take care of my health since years now. I have quickly understood that gluten, whether you are allergic to it or not, is no good. The reason why is that cereals with gluten have been to much processed for years and years and they are not healthy anymore… it’s a pity for me because I do love bread! My diet today is not 100% gluten free but I eat very little gluten. I prefer discovering new gluten free cereals and grains. I am also a big fan of pulses.

Chiara: What’s your job today?

Anne-Claire: I have more than one and I love that! My main activity is communication and writing. I also work as a naturopath and a consultant in EFT, a technique that comes from the United States and helps releasing the emotions that are stuck in our body. I volunteer as general secretary for the French “Congrès international de naturopathie” (ICNM).

Chiara: What is the best gluten free food that you have ever eaten?

Anne-Claire: Without any doubt, it would be a cake I ate once with raw cocoa, blueberries and natural sugar. So good! In 2014 I took a class in naturopathy in Hawaii: chefs there were cooking raw everyday and I learnt a lot from them. I deeply understood that eating healthy is not only simple but full of colours and joy.

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Anne-Claire: So easy! I know that when we change the way we eat, it can sounds scary and be difficult at the beginning. We think that we are left with little to eat but it’s actually the opposite. Eating gluten free, when you take it seriously, is a great opportunity. When we change the way we look at the food we eat, it frees our imagination and our creativity.

Chiara: Which is your next challenge?

Anne-Claire: Only one? Can I say three??

Make my books become best sellers!

Finish my class in Ayurveda I am taking at the “Collègue européen de médecine intégrative” (ECIM) and learn the maximum from it.

Continue to inspire people to take care of themselves, change their bad habits and turn them into something beautiful. There is a lot to know and to discover from what hurts us, and if we do it, it can become our greatest treasure…This is a beautiful subject to talk about!

Anne-Claire Meret




Recettes Gourmandes Détox

50 recettes pour se faire du Bien
de Garlone Bardel avec la collaboration d’Anne-Claire Meret
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