Today I am thrilled to share with who hides behind the wellbeing project, blog and podcast Savoir Vivre by JJ ! Here she comes Jessie Chase, a burst of energy and vitality, wrapped up with love and kindness in the body of a beautiful young woman. I am happy to have met her and get to know her little by little. A beautiful friendship is blossoming and the more I get to know about her projet, the more I get inspired… So let’s discover more about Jessie in this interview we had during lunch in one of our favourite places in Paris, Otium. Bonne lecture!

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Chiara: You are a New Yorker turned Parisian…

Jessie: 100% correct

Chiara: What you miss most of New York and love the most about Paris?

Jessie: I miss the energy of New York and the accessibility. You can go to a yoga class at 6:30am and find a healthy yummy breakfast right afterwards!

I love the beauty of Paris and the size. I love feeling like I know the city and so many people in it.

Chiara: before you were working in fashion and now you started your own activity as an entrepreneur specialed in wellbeing. Why did you choose to quit fashion and what was the main factor in your life that made you launch Savoir Vivre by JJ?

Jessie: Working in fashion was a great experience and my true passion for a very long time. While I do believe for a long time it was exactly what I needed to be doing, there came a point where I found myself more interested in where I was going to take the metro to discover a new healthy spot for lunch or how I could find a way to get out of a meeting to go to my yoga class. I realized I really wanted to be able to plan my schedule as I saw fit and I truly wanted to help people. I did not feel like I was making a direct impact on the life of others in my jobs in fashion and with Savoir Vivre I wanted to help others live their best life.

Chiara: what is Savoir vivre by JJ?

Jessie: I’ll go straight to the tagline – “How does one find harmony in a big city? How can someone create good vibes, and pass them on to others? These are the questions JJ Chase is looking to answer. A yoga and wellness expert from New York living in Paris, JJ seeks out creatives and entrepreneurs who exemplify this savoir vivre, and shares their vision of how to live a good life”. I want to share others experiences to help others follow their passion and live their best life.

Chiara: Do you have morning or evening rituals? One you would love to suggest to us?

Jessie: In the morning when I first wake up I drink lemon and hot water. I alternate between lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar, but I am currently on a lemon kick. Then I will either go to teach yoga or to practice and then eat breakfast. I usually wait until mid morning to have my first coffee. My evening routine is quite simple but I love cooking for my boyfriend and I, relaxing on the couch, enjoying a glass of red wine and finishing the evening by a meditation on the application Inscape. They have a 5 minute meditation that I just love, it helps me digest my day and prepare for sleep. I also use essential oils when I first get home and before bed to calm my stress levels. I definitely recommend my evening routine – chill, relaxing with a little fun.

Chiara: what is the most precious piece of advice you have been given?

Jessie: Everything happens for a reason.

Chiara: Please name your 3 favourite healthy spots in Paris like …

One when you need cuddle..

Jessie: Wild and the Moon Amelot

One when you need energy…

Jessie: Dynamo

One when you need gourmandise as they say it here…

Jessie: I’m more salty than sweet – I love le Jah Jah and just basically ordering everything on the menu.

Chiara: What’s your favourite yoga place in Paris and in NY?


Paris – Modo Yoga Paris

New York – Modo Yoga, Woom Center or Sky TING

Chiara: And coffee shop?

Jessie: Paris – Cafe Berry; New York – Two Hands

Chiara: what’s your next project?

Jessie: Follow me and stay tuned on @jjchase

Chiara: I’ll sure do!

Chiara: if you should define with 3 adjectives which would they be?

Jessie: Energetic, Big Hearted, Straight Forward

Chiara: Thank you so much dear Jessie.

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