Who’s Primrose’s kitchen?

Today we get to know who stands behind Primrose’s kitchen, a brand of deliciously healthy vegan, organic and gluten free products from Dorset, in England. I am happy and honoured to have got the chance to interview Primrose herself as I had the feeling by reading articles about her that she was not only a talented business woman with a vision but also a human being made of light, one of those persons capable of inspiring others in a good, positive, empowering way. Thank you Primrose!

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Primrose: Having been off gluten myself since I was 14 due to health issues such as chronic fatigue and IBS it was important for me  so I could enjoy them. This coupled with the rising number of coeliacs there were when I launched the business I wanted to make the products available to them too.

Going gluten free is a great tool for finding better health and balance and healing the gut but Its important for me to raise the issue that gluten itself isn’t bad.  Ultimately I believe that there is always an  underlying mental/emotional,  traumatic or chemical related cause for the sensitivity to gluten and other foods in the first place so it is important to continue to inquire and understand yourself each day rather than seeing gluten free as the answer and stopping there. Going gluten free is often the first point for further enquiry into nutrition and self enquiry and empowerment through food. It makes you look at food in a new way and makes you read labels and become self responsible for what you put in your body rather than just trusting in manufacturers.

Chiara: What’s been like for you to create Primrose’s kitchen in the first place and which piece if adivce would you give to anybody who is starting his/her own business?

It has been great fun on the whole. It has only been 3 years but it has felt longer than that with lots of ups and downs a long the way.

I realised very quickly that the good bits are wrapped up in the bad bits and its only our judgment of whatever unfolds that makes them either of these things, they are just happenings and they all have something to offer us, they are all teachings and once I was able to let go of  attachment to expectations  I was much happier.

Im so grateful for my business in my life as its taught me so much about myself and it has put me in touch with lots of wonderful people who I have been able to help or inspire and likewise I have learnt from them.

Finding a mentor in your field is important if you are starting up by yourself as it is so important to have someone to talk to about your ideas and help you get clarity on situations and important decisions.

When you have the means remember to delegate as a business can never grow if you are trying to continue to do everything yourself!

You need to have determination and a trust not only in yourself but in something outside of yourself that “it will be alright in the end and if its not then its not yet the end” to quote exotic marigold hotel.

My advice is to follow your heart even if financially and practically what ever your dream may seem impossible, when we take jumps and let go of the fear we attach to things that are unknown we allow all this energy potential to flow in positive ways and once you are on that roller coaster it keeps pushing you forwards.

Chiara: Us and our body, the relationship of a lifetime, how is yours today and what helped you to improve it during the years?

Primrose: As someone that does a lot of driving I find yoga crucial for flexibility and have a personal training once a week to focus on core strength if i am at home. Focusing on core strength is great for supporting the chakras and the key areas they represent mentally and emotionally.  I love pull ups and have a pull up bar at home that I  use in the morning. My body is not as strong as it has been. I find surfing really makes me feel my best so I am looking forward to the sun coming out and making some trips to Devon soon!

Feeling good is a combination of finding ways to relax as much as finding time to exercise. Taking 10-15 minutes each evening for meditation helps me the most along with eating regular meals and keeping a good sugar balance so I don’t end up craving sugar.

Chiara: Which is your favourite gluten free food?

Primrose: I love Pana Chocolate from Australia, its raw, creamy and delicious!

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Primrose: A door post but its not the door itself

Chiara: Happyness is…

Primrose: It’s the acceptance of everything that happens as it happens rather than an attachment to your idea of how it should be

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