Today I am very happy to tell you about Myyaam, a Parisian catering service that is specialised in organic, healthy-licious food, with many gluten free and vegan options to personalise your events and special buffet.

I met with Elisabeth Smeysters, founder of Myyaam, at one of my favourite Parisian coffee shop one day, to talk about her beautiful project.

So here it is my interview to one loving, sparkling woman…!

Myyaam Elisabeth Smeysters

Chiara: How did you decide to quit your job and create Myaam?

Elisabeth: I was born in Liège, then I came to Paris where I worked as PR in a music company for 10 years. I love music so much but one day, my contract was about to end, and I started to think with my boyfriend about a food project we both wanted to create. I love this sentence that’s become one of my mantras « I choose myself » To me, it means to find one’s own mission in life, and I felt was ready to create something of mine own.

Chiara: What is Myaam?

Elisabeth: Myaam is an olistic catering service because we prepare food, but, at the same, through the food we cook, we want to teach people about well-being, and most of all, how to find their own, to listen to themselves, to take time to appreciate the food, understand what it’s good for them. Myaam is not just about preparing a buffet but it’s about creating a whole experience that revolves around food and our health. Our services are tailored for companies as well as for private events like marriages for example.

Chiara: So Myaam is also about coaching?

Elisabeth: Yes, I work with naturopaths to create programs where we can show people how to take care of themselves through what they choose to eat everyday.

Chiara: I see that you are also specialised in gluten free food?

Elisabeth: Yes, I am gluten intolerant myself. I think that gluten today it is hard to digest and when the digestion is difficult, we waste so much energy in it that we have none to accomplish other tasks. So today I do enjoy eating gluten free and lactose free, and I feel more energised, I can perform better in my daily chores.

Chiara: Did you find it difficult to cook gluten free?

Elisabeth: At the beginning yes, but then, little by little, I found the recipes that worked for me. Actually I do think that if you are curious enough, you can re-adapt many traditional recipes and turn them gluten free quite easily. There are so many fantastic ingredients that we can use: quinoa, rice, buckwheat, tapioca… Each one of them with its own peculiar characteristics and properties.

Chiara: What are your favourite gluten free coffee shops and restaurants in Paris that you would recommend to Baci di Dama readers?

Elisabeth: I would say Chambelland bakery and Judy cantine qualitarienne.

Elisabeth is also co-author with Dominique Gassin (co-founder of Judy) of a beautiful recipes book called Mon programme pour rééquilibrer mon alimentation en douceur: Un accompagnement jour après jour. The book is about learning how to eat and cook healthy and tasty! You can find it in bookshops or on line by clicking here

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