It’s yummy, it’s veggie, it’s gluten free!

Today I will invite you to discover with me a project that I like very much and that I have been following for a while: Funky Veggie.

Funky Veggie is a Parisian start-up that is specialised in delivering you home healthy recipes and all the ingredients that go with it.

It’s organic, gluten free, vegan, and most of all yummy!

It is also the story of Camille and Adrien, the co-founders, who met during a start-up weekend that was…54 hours long!

Their objective: propose veggie recipes that are so good that they can be enjoyed by the biggest carnivore as well!

Since they started their adventure, I have got interested in it: I find their recipes quite original, simple and good (yes, I did try them), and I love the energy, the funky, punchy side of their tone of voice.

Last week I met with Camille for a cup of tea and an interview:

Chiara: Can you tell me more about Funky Veggie ?

Camille: With Funky Veggie, we would like to show that eating veggie is not tasteless, but it can be very good. Our main goal is to convince the biggest carnivore to taste and enjoy it. Adrien who works with me is a carnivore so he is the first one to taste our recipes and if he likes them, then they are ready to go!

Pleasure, taste and goodness is what matters to us the most. We develop the recipes with this in mind.

In the beginning we started to deliver recipes boxes where customers have the recipe and all the ingredients to make it. We started to gather a community around our project and now we are working on the launch of our very first Energy Balls range! They will be on sale in store beginning 2017 and available in three flavours:  « brownie », « apple tart », et « coconut ».

Pleasure first of all!

Chiara: What did you do before starting Funky Veggie? And Adrien?

Camille: I am still studying Economics at the university in Paris, I spent two years in China and I did some internships in an advertising agency, enough to understand that that was not for me. Adrien was working in finance. We are complementary and this is what I love the most about us. I deal with the marketing and communication part of Funky Veggie while Adrien is more focused on the logistics and the administrative part.

Chiara: What is the best gluten free food that you have ever tasted?

Camille: The spaghetti “Alfredo” recipe that we made lately for one of our boxes.

Chiara: What are you favourite places to eat in Paris?

Camille: Merci, I love the atmosphère of this coffee shop; then Nanashi, East Mamma, and Dersou restaurants. I also like Fragments, another coffee shop I go to as often as I can.

Chiara: What does it mean for you to having launched your own business?

Camille: Actually I am working and still studying at the same time; I feel like I am not entrepreneur  yet, neither a full time student; Adrien and I are not getting a salary from our business yet, we pay people who work for us, so keeping the determination and the faith in what I do is key to me.

On my side, I can’t but congratulate with Camille for being so passionate and enthusiast!

I have faith that she will make it happen because she is already making it happen…!

pS last but not least, below the photo of the “Alfredo” recipe that I made with Italian “tortiglioni” pasta instead of spaghetti… it’s SO good! Loved the almond cream that marries so beautifully with the mushroom, spinach and persil.

funky veggie pasta recipe

Funky Veggie

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