Who’s Félicie Toczé?

Today we get to know Félicie Toczé a bit better. Félicie is a professional French cook, a consultant in nutrition, and through her work, she shares and spread a way of nourishing ourselves that is respectful of our planet, that makes us feel good and most of all be happy. Apart from all that,  Félicie is also one nice, smart young woman, full of energy and determination. It was a real pleasure for me to chit-chat with her.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Félicie: I am not allergic to gluten, to me eating gluten free, it’s a choice.  I decided to give up gluten 13 years ago for 2 year to see I felt. Actually I was having a hard time to digest gluten. Going gluten free made me discover a whole new world of ingredients and products, I started to be creative in the kitchen, to create new recipes. I always recommend to the people that work with me to eat less gluten. Today we know that eating gluten can slow down our digestive system and make it difficult the absorption of those precious nutritional benefits that we get from the foods we eat. Also eating gluten free has made us re-discover grains that were here in France for so along like buckwheat and millet. My grandparents grew up eating them quite regularly. When I was a child I used to eat a typical French dish called « la semoule de millet » and I loved it !

Chiara: What’s your job today?

Félicie: My job is about spreading and supporting a new generation of people who eat “differently” . By that I mean choosing food that has both an ethical and a healthy approach, being conscious not to damage our planet and ourselves by the way we eat. Food that is tasty and joyful at the same time. Today I work with chefs and publishing houses and this gives me the opportunity to reach more people. When I think of the way I cook, about my recipes, I think about a creative kitchen which nourishes all the senses, that makes you want to eat all of it.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Félicie: The dosa. It’s a typical Indian dish made of fermented rice with lentils. It looks like a big, rolled crêpe. The good news is that I can make my own at home.

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Félicie: The constraint that makes you become creative.

Chiara: What is your next challenge?

Félicie: My new book « Japonisme » coming up in Paris next March 10th.

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