Today I have the big pleasure to present you Aurélie Chavas, founder and CEO of the first French e-commerce specialised in 100% green, healthy and beauty products: Detox et Moi.

Aurélie is a beautiful, smart, loving French woman. It was during her many travels abroad that she got the inspiration for her future project.

Once back to Paris, this mother of 2 decided to launch her own eshop where she put together all the green, glamorous brands that she loved so much and couldn’t find in France.

So let’s discover more about who hides behind this amazing project that is Detox et Moi, in my interview to Aurélie.

detox et moi aurélie founder

Chiara: What is Detox et Moi?

Aurélie: Detox et Moi is an eshop where you can find all you need for your well-being routine. There is a wide selection of products for your makeup, skincare, lifestyle and superfoods to add to your daily recipes. All of my products are 100% green, organic and natural. Several are also labelled vegan. I launched Detox et Moi in September last year, so we have just celebrated one year!

Chiara: Congratulations!! Would you like to tell us how you got the idea of Detox et Moi?

Aurélie: I got the idea of Detox et Moi during my many travels abroad. At the time I was retails director for NYX. The Detox Market in Los Angeles was my of my biggest source of inspirations. A place like this didn’t exist in France so I decided to create it virtually and this is why I launched Detox et Moi. Most of the brands on my eshop are brands I distribute exclusively and you don’t find them anywhere else on the French market like the lip balms by The Beauty Archive or the Swedish brand Omoi.

Chiara: Do you have a favourite brand?

Aurélie: I basically love all of them; in particular I cherish Omoi, a skincare brand launched five years ago and Emani for the makeup. I know both the founders and I love them personally and professionally.

Chiara: Do you have a healthy advise to share with our readers?

Aurélie: To me, it’s very important to listen to ourselves, when you are hungry you eat, when you are not hungry, you don’t eat. Same when you do sport, don’t force anything, don’t compare yourself to anyone. Do what your body feels doing or needs.

Chiara: If you were a dish, which one would you be?

Aurélie: Let’s say breakfast …. a granola or an açai bowl, a plat milk or a fruit compote.

Chiara: Which is your favourite drink?

Aurélie: A Latte.

Chiara: If you were a cosmetic, which one would you be?

Aurélie: A serum… it’s so efficient and just like me, it goes straight to the point 😉

Chiara: Which is your favourite coffee shop in Paris to drink a good latte?

Aurélie: I would say Cafe Oberkampf and Goodnews coffee in the 15th arrondissement where I live.

Chiara: Thank you so much Aurélie!

detox et moi aurélie founder and ceo

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