Who are Artigiani del Sapore?

Artigiani del Sapore is one of my favourite Italian blogs. While I was in Turin for work, I had the chance to meet with Gabriella who along with her sister Fabrizia animates one passionating, inspiring blog around healthy, vegan, raw food. Fabrizia is in Bari and Gabriella in Turin but their common passion  is what reunites them each time. Gabriella and I sat in a nice café in the beautiful Carlo Alberto square – we both love this place very much – and while sharing an aperitivo, we talked food, spreading culture and sharing mutual gluten free experiences.

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Gabriella: Because I think that eating wheat is not good for our health. At least if we choose to eat it, we should select the wheat very carefully. When I eat gluten free pasta for example, I go for 100% buckwheat that comes from Le Puglie region where I was born. I know exactly where the buckwheat is produced and how, I know what mill they use to grind the flour and then how they make the pasta. At Artigiani del Sapore our claim is “La Materia, prima” meaning that first of all we take care of the ingredients we use in our recipes and we get to know all the process that bring them to us.

Chiara: What is Artigiani del Sapore?

Gabriella: Our philosophy is to review typical Italian recipes, especially from Puglie, with a vegan and raw approach. Both my sister Fabrizia and I have been inspired by looking at our grandmother cooking when we were children and then by our mother as well. One day we both turned vegan and I remember that Fabrizia was making some pizza with turnip, she took a photo of it and posted it on facebook just for fun. It got such a great public response that we decided to create Artigiani del Sapore.

Artigiani del Sapore was born with the objective of sharing knowledge and spreading the culture of great tasting healthy food. Food that is vegan, locally sourced and seasonal. We propose dishes where people don’t have to feel the absence of one ingredient because they can actually appreciate the full potential of all the others that we use. We want to make people become more aware of what they eat and how they eat it so that they can try new flavours, discover new recipes and vary their diet. Via the blog we propose recipes but we also offer a catering service and we can cook at home as well.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Gabriella: I would say all the recipes that we make with vegetables like the typical “fave e cicoria” (fava bean and chicory) from Puglie.

Chiara: Gluten free is…

Gabriella: It’s a smart and responsible choice.

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