Let’s go Yoga and gluten free!

Wanderlust Cafe is a lovely, luminous coffee shop in Prenzlauer berg in Berlin, with gluten free and vegan options that I discovered by chance.

I was walking nearby one day and somehow it caught my attention. I am a very curious human being and whenever I feel titillating by something, I have to go and see.

So I got inside and I was so happy to discover that they had gluten free options available and most of all, they were serving the delicious, artisanal gluten free and vegan buckwheat bread by my beloved Jute Backery in Berlin.

I decided to stay and have breakfast!

wanderlust cafe berlin
wanderlust cafe berlin with gluten free options
wanderlust gluten free bread

I enjoyed the best turmeric latte of my life with raw cocoa and almond milk, some delicious granola with homemade cashew yoghurt, fresh fruit and nuts, delicious toasts with hummus, avocado and salad.

At Wanderlust cafe the concept is healthy food that rhymes with taste: you can choose and combine each dish selecting the toppings and the ingredients that you want separately, how fun is that!

Living in Paris I am not used to it but I did enjoy the idea!

Another reason why I loved this place is that they have a yoga studio just inside the café: basically you can have a class and then eat and relax!

That’s definitely something I am going to do next time I am in town 🙂

wanderlust cafe gluten free breakfast
wanderlust gluten free toasts
wanderlust cafe with gluten free food in berlin

Wanderlust Café

Gleimstr. 40
10437 Berlin



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8.30 am  – 6.30 pm
9 am –
6.30 pm
10 am – 6.30 pm



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