This week I went with my dear friend Soraya from Gluten free in Paris to discover Wild & The Moon, the holy grain temple, as I would put it.  Wild & the Moon is a new coffee shop located in Paris Marais where everything is raw, vegan and gluten free as no flours whatsoever makes it inside. The philosophy is about eating healthy foods that are good for you, good for the planet and taste delicious.

With Soraya, we tasted a bit of everything: first the cold-pressed juices that are one Wild specialties. The different flavours were intriguing, and the small bottles particularly cute. We went for the Matcha Milk with almond milk. It was delicious. Rise and Shine is well its motto!

We also tasted the avocado toast with raw crackers and the delicious kale chips. The tatin tart was very good as well. Actually I think that Wild & the Moon is perfect for breakfast, snacking or an afternoon French “gouter”. The portions are small, perfect to satisfy all sort of cravings during the day. Besides I loved the big table where you can sit and also work. The wifi works beautifully. Yes, I did tested that too 😉

The day after I came back to Wild & The Moon to have breakfast and I tasted the most wanted açai bowl. As I said in a previous post, it’s like most bloggers and healthy oriented Instagram pages are all about this precious super food. I tried my very first açai bowl and I did like it. I especially loved the raw granola made by Wild, crunchy and tasty, it was delicious! One positive thing  about this place is that the choice is really extensive: so many different juices, drinks, salads, daily soups, several snacks, well there was enough to satisfy my curiosity and taste.

Wild & The Moon

Wild Bar – 55, rue Charlot
Wild Lab – 25, rue des Gravilliers
Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1



Opening hours

Open daily
9 am – 7 pm







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