Last weekend I was back to Via dalla Spiga in Milan.

Via dalla Spiga is a fantastic, artisanal pastry shop, bakery and lately they opened up also a bistro in the beautiful Corso Magenta, close to Santa Maria delle Grazie, where Leonardo painted the famous Cenacolo.

At Via dalla Spiga Bistro, open from morning till evening, you can have a great breakfast with freshly baked croissants and Italian epresso, or come for lunch and indulge in the exquisite Club sandwich served with homemade fries and many dishes that vary according to the seasons. Focaccia is often an option as well as bread stuffed with delicious Italian ingredients; that is a great idea if you have little time to eat and wish just to grab a sandwich on the go.

via dalla spiga gluten free croissant
via dalla spiga gluten free croissant just delicious
via dalla spiga gluten free cheesecake

As you might know, if you are familiar with Milan, here aperitivo before dinner is a must and the great news is that at the Via dalla Spiga Bistro, you can have one and it’s delicious! A glass of wine or beer and then so much food to share and to enjoy with your family, friends or colleagues after a busy work day…!

I was very happy to work with Via dalla Spiga team last time I was in Milan and imagine a series of photos for them!

So here they are, hope you like them and, if you happen to live or to go to Milan soon, Roberta and her team will be there to welcome you in!

pS if you are curious to know about Via dalla Spiga pastry shop and bakery, just click here.

via dalla spiga club sandwich gluten free
via dalla spiga perfetto polenta
via dalla spiga gluten free quiche

Via dalla Spiga Bistro

Corso Magenta, 9
20123 Milano



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8 am – 11 pm
10 am – 11 pm
11 am – 11 pm






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