Vero’s easy granola recipe

I know Chiara for such a long time so I was really surprised when she asked me to write for her blog. Chiara knows me very well so she knows that I’m not a foodista or a health-tista. I’m quite the opposite: addicted to Diet Coke, chips, French bread and yes Nutella!

I go to organic store twice a year (mainly for beauty products) and I must have eaten quinoa once in my life, probably five years ago….So why me ? I was a bit puzzled.

At the same time, I started to think about my next resolutions and challenges for 2016 : getting younger (I’m fortish something). But I’m not planning to get Botox or other magical acid potion under my skin, nor getting a young lover. I just want to have the same level of energy, enthusiasm and passion that I felt when I was 16 years old (the experience and wisdom on top).

How could I accomplish this little miracle? More sport, start meditation, more fun, better sleep, cooler wardrobe, and transform my junk food habit to better fuel my body !

And here comes Chiara as my super health food fairy and her project to include my notes in her blog. So I decided to improve my eating habits and write regularly a short note about my new habits, my food discoveries, the impact on my energy, skin, sleep, hair, etc…. (maybe not as detailed who wants to get my medical report ? )

How do I start ? Simple, easy, slow. My philosophy in all fields of life is one step at time.

My first step will be the breakfast : currently it is mainly made of white bread & nutella + black tea with honey and lemon to which I add a fresh squeezed orange juice during the week-end.

What do I plan to do ?
Week Days :

  • granola & almond milk & banana : my super easy and simple granola recipe is at the bottom of this note
  • complete bread and organic honey & a kiwi apart
  • complete bread and organic peanut butter (still searching for the perfect brand)

I’ll keep the tea with lemon but will try to swap my first cup for green tea + fresh ginger + honey or cinnamon

Week-end :
2 eggs on Saturday and a special special pleasure on Sunday

For the bread , I’ll get it at Barat (place St Job @ 1180 Bruxelles). I love this bakery which does not sell gluten free bread  but all bread are artisanal and home-made.  They use very few “yeast” and flours are “CRC” ( Culture Raisonnée Controlée meaning coming from sustainable culture with very strict criteria). They have an excellent “pain à la farine d’épeautre” which is the closest from gluten free : I believe it is called “spelt flour”.

Next month, I’ll debrief you on my progress.
And if you have any suggestion for a good healthy, “energic bomb” breakfast I’m more than willing to learn from experts as long as it is “simple & easy”.

Here it comes my Easy Granola Recipe :

  1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients
  2. Season with salt to bring out all the flavors.
  3. Spread the sticky mixture on rimmed baking sheets and baked at approximately 180 degrees until toasted and darkened; Stirring is necessary after 15 minutes or so to prevent some of the mixture getting very toasted and other parts being hardly toasted at all. Another stir after another 15 minutes, then checking
  4. Transfer when cold to a large bowl, and stir in dried cranberries, or coconut if you want to add extra pleasure

You can easily keep it for 2 months in a closed jar.



5 ingredients + 10 minutes for preparation
25 to 30 minutes cooking + it requires to keep an eye on it
– 1 bag of oats – of course you can get gluten free version in organic store
– nuts, almonds, noix de cajoux, pecans : chose all or only your favorites
– cinnamon
– ½ cup Marple Syrup or Honey (chestnut is my favorite) – here I do prefer buying organic
– a pinch of salt


Recipe by Véro, Miss Zen

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