Vegan meringue

Elisa, Baci di Dama dear nutritionist, has told me recently that she managed to make meringue…without eggs!

I was so amazed that I asked her to share the recipe with all of us.

Thank you Elisa!


Beat the chickpeas water with an electric beater.

Add the ingredients slowly and in small amounts.

Continue to beat until stiff peak.

Take a baking tray, put some greaseproof paper on it.

Using a pastry bag, pour the meringues on it.

Elisa’s were about 6 cm of diameter.

Preheat a ventilated oven to 100° C.

Bake for about 2 hours.

Cool them down before serving.

If you like them naturally coloured and differently flavoured, you can add some cocoa powder or cinnamon or turmeric.



– 150 gr chickpeas water
Elisa used the water inside the tin.
– 160 gr caster sugar
– 1 one tea spoon of lemon juice



Recipe by Elisa Strona


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