Today I stopped for lunch at Tugalik in Paris 6th arrondissement (not far from the beautiful St Sulplice Square). Tugalik is specialised in versatile, fast options for lunch or an early dinner that you can both eat there or take away. It also gluten free friendly and the food is  cooked fresh everyday.

I was in the mood for chicken and I took a delicious roast with potatoes and green beans. I also got a freshly pressed juice with litchi, raspberry, and grapefruit. For dessert I chose “pomme compote” made at Tugalik without any added sugar. The “compote” was made of apples cooked very gently on the heat. It was very good.

Before leaving I spotted some gluten free cookies that were just arrived. Well, how could I resits?!? I took one with chocolate chips and one with nuts. I had them for breakfast the day after. They were simply delicious!


29, rue St-Placide
75006 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 84 02 04









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