Vegan and gluten free ice cream!

During my stay in Berlin this Summer, I had the pleasure to discover Tribeca, a newly opened ice-cream shop in Berlin that is specialised in vegan, super foods and gluten free ice creams.

Tribeca founders and brothers, Frank and Klaus, got the idea of making super food ice creams while living in Tribeca, in New York City.

Their objective was to create a valid alternative to ice creams that were too fatty and too sweet.

They started tasting their idea with a pop-up ice-cream shop inside an art gallery in Tribeca and then, they decided to move to Berlin and open this new venue a month ago in the beautiful neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg.

tribeca vegan gluten free super foods ice cream in berlin

All the ice creams are made with a base of coconut oil, rice milk, and cocoa butter.

They use neither soy nor refined sugars.

The ice cream are sweetened with natural raw cane sugar or manioc syrup or coconut sugar.

Classic flavours like pistachio or raspberry are then combined with super foods like açai, lucuma, maca, moringa, goji, raw cocoa and many others.

Everything is hand-manufactured in their atelier inside the ice-cream shop.

I enjoyed a delicious gluten free cone with raw chocolate and raspberry açai.

How wonderful! I loved this place, and the ice cream is really delicious.

Highly recommended 🙂

tribeca vegan gluten free ice cream in berlin


Rykestraße 40
10405 Berlin
Tel+49 151 26993433



Opening hours

Mon – Thu
1  – 8 pm
Fri – Sun
1  – 9 pm






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