Today I am very happy to tell you some great news…!

The Friendly Kitchen, a new 100% vegan and gluten free restaurant, has just opened its doors in Paris, in the lovely rue Popincourt.

At its reins, one of the most talented gluten free vegan chef that I know, Fanny Mijon.

Fanny and I have knowing each other for a couple of years now, I have always been a great fan of her cuisine: she is incredibly talented and creative.

Her dishes are never the same and her approach to food doesn’t look like anybody else’s.

She masters vegan and gluten free consistencies beautifully: both her savoury and sweet dishes are perfectly cooked, seasoned and served. Such a feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the belly!

Imagine how happy I was when Fanny asked me to help her on her new menu and search for her some great gluten free vegan pasta.

I went straight to my region in Italy, the Campania, as all the area around the city of Gragnano is well-known for its amazing and all-over-the-world famous artisanal pasta.

I found for Fanny these amazing conchiglioni that she serves stuffed with spinach and vegan ricotta, butternut rosemary cream and roasted grains. One word… Delizioso, as we say in Italian 😉

I also indulged in an entrée, I opted for the roasted beetroot with zaatar spices, black and white sesame cream. So good!

Now I have one wish left… come back here soon and taste … the whole menu!

Bravo Fanny and… Bon appétit everyone from The Friendly Kitchen!

The Friendly Kitchen

8 Rue Popincourt
75011 Paris



Opening hours

Lunch: Sat
Dinner: from Tue to Sat
Closed on Sun – Mon






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