Thank you my deer is one of the first gluten free coffee shops to open in Paris almost three years ago. I soon became one of their happy customers and I still am today.

The gluten free food is fresh, seasonal, home made and definitely good.

To me, this gluten free coffee shop smells like freshly baked banana bread, it has the crunchy taste of its delicious gluten free granola, the generosity of its chocolate chips cookies, the soft of its muffins made with seasonal fruit.

Of course, let’s not forget the gluten free organic buckwheat bread that is made fresh and with much love everyday.

Another specialty at Thank you my Deer is coffee.

It is roasted by Coutume Café in Paris and perfectly served at the coffee shop. Jana, co-founder along with Sona, has a real passion for it and she has learnt to master this art to perfection. To me her cappuccino is one of the best in town.

Another thing that I love about this gluten free coffee shop is the ambience.

It’s a cosy, smiling, warm place that reflects their owners, their vitality and good humour. I felt like home the first time I stepped in and I still have that same feeling every time I go back. With time I befriended with both Jana and Sona, with their team as well and this is makes it dear to me ever more.

Today I decided to make a break in my busy day, to stop running for a moment, slow down a bit, sit, sip a good cup of coffee and eat a slice of the banana cake that I so much like.

An opportunity to chit-chat with Jana and Giulia Guarino, the Italian gluten free chef at the Deer and ask them some questions about gluten free food and life in Paris.

So first some questions for Giulia.

Giulia is Italian, celiac, determined, open-minded, we have met one year ago and I can tell that we have some things in common! Giulia dreamt of living in Paris since the first time she came here when she was 13 years old. What she loves the most about the city is the history, the art, the culture, the culinary tradition that makes her learn new things.

What she loves less is the fact that overall the city is dirty… unfortunately.

Paris is fast-paced but Giulia knows how to make a pause, to take her time and then be ready to start running again.

Working at Thank you my Deer has made her share her gluten free recipes and knowledge with a new public, she loves the open kitchen that allows her to talk to the customers and get to know immediately what they like the most and why.

Her next gluten free challenge? The millefeuille! Can’t wait…I do miss one!

Here she comes Jana. I was curious to know if she thinks that Paris has changed lately, gluten free speaking. To Jana the fact that today there are more gluten free places that opened has made gluten free more well-known and also suppliers of certified gluten free flours are easier to find today than it was yesterday.

Jana’s challenge was to make good gluten free bread and she has achieved it. Today her bread is sought after and she has also developed a mix out of it. As far as her customers are concerned, they stay mostly people from the neighbourhood and during the weekend, there is brunch and this calls also for tourists or people coming especially for it.

Would Jana be thinking of doing something different today? Maybe easier or more mainstream? No, she does love the gluten free business and she will continue to develop it more and more.

And if you are not in Paris, the good news is that we can still enjoy some great gluten free food from Deer on line

We can shop its gluten free bread or cookies mix, the granola, some delicious and artisanal chocolate bars or, if you miss Italy somehow (yes, I know, that would be more me…;), great gluten free pasta by Garofalo is also available.

Thank you my deer

112 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris
Tel.+33 (0)1 71 93 16 24


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