The original Sicilian arancina

Today I am very happy to have Stefania, founder of the famous Italian blog Cardamomo & Co , share one great gluten free recipe with Baci di Dama. Stefania is a Sicilian talented cook and when we talked Italian gluten free food over the phone – direct land line Paris – Palermo – we ended up talking about the renown arancine – how good they are!! – and what it takes to make them gluten free and so yummy!


Warm up the vegetable stock. Take a glass and add the stock and the saffron. Stir until melted.

Chop the onion. Take a large pan, add the olive oil, the onion and cook over low heat until it turns golden. Add the rice and stir until it becomes transparent. Add the white wine and let it evaporate completely. Add the saffron and the stock. The stock has to cover the rice – no need to add more. Cook gently over low heat and add more stock until the rice is completely cooked. It can take from 15 to 18 minutes. You need to stir being careful that the rice does not stick to the pan. Taste it to see if you need to add a pinch of salt. Once ready, turn the heat off. Now we can start the “mantecatura”. The “mantecatura” consists in adding the butter and the parmigiano reggiano. Stir gently until both the parmigiano and the rice are completely melted. Let the rice cool down.


Take a pot and add the butter. Cook over low heat until melted. Add the corn starch and toast it. Pour the milk little by little. Continue to stir. Add a pinch of salt. Cook it until you get a creamy consistency. Turn the heat off. Add the parmigiano reggiano and some grated nutmeg. Stir and then put it aside.


Take a generous tablespoon of rice and put it in your hand. Press it gently in the middle to create a hollow space that you will use to put the stuffing. Add a little bit of of bechamelle, some baked ham cubes (or the pumpkin) and one cube of mozzarella. Take another tablespoon of rice and use it to cover the stuffing. With the help of your hands press the two halves of rice gently together being careful not to make the stuffing get out. Shape the arancina until it gets round. Repeat this procedure until you finish all the ingredients.


Now that all the arancina are done, we are ready for the “lega”.

In a bowl add the water and the corn starch. Whisk them. Soak one arancina at a time in the mixture and then put it back on the plate. Repeat the procedure for all the arancine.

On a plate dispose the breadcrumbs. Roll the arancina. Press the bread crumbs gently with your hands so that they twill stick beautifully to the arancina. Repeat this procedure for all the arancine.


In a deep fryer add some peanut oil. When the oil gets hot, add the arancine. The arancine are delicate and depending on how big is your friyer, add a small quantity and fry them for 3-4 minutes until they are turn golden brown on the surface. Serve hot.

For the Italian version of the recipe, click here.



Recipe for 6:
– 600 gr rice – “originario” variety
– half an onion
– 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
– half a glass of white wine
– homemade vegetarian stock
– 25 gr parmigiano reggiano
– 1 tablespoon of butter
– 1 sachet of saffron pistils
– 300 ml whole milk
– 25 g corn starch
– 20 g butter
– 25 gr parmigiano reggiano
– salt
– nutmeg
– Baked ham in small cubes
– Bechamelle
– Mozzarella in small cubes
If vegetarian, replace the ham with previously cooked pumpkin
– 200 gr water
– 100 gr corn starch
– Corn or polenta breadcrumbs


Recipe from Stefania, Cardamomo & Co blog


  • Avatar alice says:

    Hello , I just found your fantastic blog . I live in Turin and I like to go around and discover new places to eat . I have a celiac friend and you made me discover new pizzerias , perfect for her. I like your recipes and your photos. If you feel like you can glance my blog ,

    • Avatar bacididama says:

      Ciao Alice, grazie ! che piacere !! Mi piace molto il tuo blog 🙂 La parte delle ricette è un misto tra le mie e quelle di altri blog che amo e che invito – per me è un modo di mostrare che senza glutine è buono e sono convinta che insieme le cambiamo le cose in meglio 🙂 se per caso hai una ricetta gluten free che vuoi condividere, fammi sapere. Ti farei anche un’intervista che va in Behind the product. Per vedere come funziona in Home ora c’è Elisa con i baci di dama. Un caro saluto e buona domenica ! Chiara

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