New and beautiful gluten free cook books by Frédérique Barral!

Today I am happy to tell you about a French publishing house called Terre Vivante. Terre Vivante was founded in 1979 by a group of passionate and committed people who wanted to spread the culture of ecology and well being in our daily life.

They created a bimonthly magazine called « Les 4 saisons du jardin bio » and published over 160 books with the objective of helping people improve their health and habits in a simple, practical way and also learn about the environment we live in, how we can protect and respect it.

Both the magazine and the books are 100% organic meaning that they use recycled paper, vegetal ink and ink-jet machines that are eco-friendly.

I am delighted to announce you that now their book collection will get bigger with four new publications about gluten free recipes!

Actually they are four cooks books from the new collection “Cuisiner sans gluten” and the author of the books and the director of the collection is Frédérique Barral.

gluten free cook books: Terres Vivantes
frederique barral founder of niepi

If you live in France, you might be familiar with her already as she co-founded with Fabien Barral the beautiful magazine Niepi, on the art of cooking and living gluten free.

During the press conference at Welcome Bio in Paris, I got the chance to know more about celiac disease (that I have), how to improve my diet and daily habits. Most of all I personally found it interesting the fact that wheat or better gluten is “a food technology” that’s been over-used during the past 50 years by the food industry to produce more products and more quickly.

The result of this massive “gluten-fuelled” action is the growing number of people who have become intolerant or sensitive to this protein.

I also think that both in French and in Italian languages, the word “senza glutine/sans gluten” (literally without gluten) leads too often to the wrong conclusions: to the fact that we are dealing with food that is tasteless and that nobody would like to eat.

Books like these ones by Frédérique Barral for Terre Vivante are a door that opens up to whole new world of ingredients, food textures and flavours that might be different from what we were used to eat before but they can be a valid alternative to gluten foods.

In a few words they show us that you can live happily ever after, also without gluten!

terre vivante recipe of gluten free granola
terre vivante recipe for gluten free scones

As I like sweets more than savoury foods in general –pizza being the only exception for me – I started to flip the books « Goûters gourmands sans gluten », « Petits-déjeuners sans gluten », « Desserts de fête sans gluten » first: the photos are bright and warm, the recipes well written and they also look easy to make.

I saw in front of me a défilé of beautiful cakes, tarts, crêpes, biscuits, French madeleines and financiers, panna cotta and so much more that I felt overwhelmed and enthusiast.

The fourth book is « Mon placard sans gluten » and it illustrates in a simple, practical way how to organise our kitchen, handle our daily life and change our habits when we start cooking, eating and living gluten free.

During the press conference we were offered delicious food made with the recipes from the book « Petits-déjeuners sans gluten »: I loved the granola, the English scones and the buckwheat biscuits, so delicious and definitely my favourite!

What’s next for me now? Well, choose which recipe try first 🙂

terre vivante recette pour une délicieuse granola au sarrasin
terre vivante gluten free flapjack recipe

Terre Vivante

Cuiciner sans gluten 

To buy the gluten free cook books, click here.



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