Last week I was in Rome for work and heard the news that a new gluten free pizzeria has recently opened in town: Teresina senza glutine.

Needless to say that I was eager to try it as, for the Neapolitan that I am, I do love a good pizza! Teresina senza glutine is only to take away but there is a pizzeria adjacent where you can sit and order it at your table: the pizzeria Magnifica. My mother, who was in Rome as well, embarked with me on this new gluten free adventure!

My mother is not celiac as am I and I am very happy and proud to say that we both loved the gluten free pizza! For once it shows that gluten free is good not only for us celiac people but for everybody :)!

The pizza was tasty and easy to digest, to me, one of the best gluten free pizza in Rome!

Alessandra Iaconelli, co-owner along with her husband Maurizio Valentini of both Teresina senza glutine and pizzeria Magnifica, tells me that the recipe for the gluten free pizza has been concocted by award winning master pizzaiolo Marco Amoriello from the pizzeria Il Guappo in Moiano.

All the ingredients are top quality and selected with the greatest care: from the tomatoes San Marzano coming from the agro sarnese Nocerino DOP, to the  bufala mozzarella from the Caseificio Auriemma in the Campania region, to the flours, all Italians, and the extra virgin olive oil from “Donna Oleria”.

With the Margherita pizza, we also tasted another one that both my mother and I loved very much: the pizza with mozzarella cheese, bresaola, rocket/arugola and  parmigiano reggiano flakes: SO good !

The gluten free beer was excellent as well as the ice-cream.

The staff was super nice and very professional. I can just add one more thought to this beautiful experience…hope to go back to Teresina senza glutine next time I am in Rome.

pS that’s my mum in the photo below, she is going to be 67 this week…and to me, it doesn’t show…We went through some hard time lately and it was so nice to me to see her beautiful smile back!

Love you Mamma!

Teresina senza glutine

 via San Tommaso d’Aquino, 123-125 e
00135 Roma
Tel. +39 06 3903 1070


Opening hours

Mon – Sun (only for take away)
7.15 – 11 pm




Pizzeria Magnifica

Via Ugo de Carolis 72D
00136 Rome
Tel. +39 06 35452285 or + 39 3426775892


Opening hours

Mon – Sun
7.30 – 11.30 pm




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