Typical Roman food also gluten free!

If you are in Rome, I think you need to go at least once in an “authentic” Roman restaurant that, in our case, it’s also gluten free: Taverna Barberini.

The thing is that today there are not so many restaurants left that can be called real Romans to me and it is not easy to spot the difference, especially to the eye of a foreigner, I think.

When I say “Roman”, I mean a place like Taverna Barberini and if you go there, you will understand what I mean: the atmosphere, the way the food is displayed and served, the kindness of the team, the people who regularly eat there, everything makes it real Roman to me.

taverna barberini gluten free menu in roma
taverna barberini gluten free restaurant in rome
taverna barberini gluten free restaurant rome

Today I went there for the very first time with my friend and fellow blogger Audrey from the blog Frichty; Audrey came to visit me for a few days while I was in Rome for some work.

Alessandro, the chef of Taverna Barberini, introduces us the menu: I am amazed to discover that he also makes gluten free fresh pasta!

How great it that!

I went for homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta, served with a light and tasty orange sauce.

Audrey chose a more typical Roman recipe: spaghetti alla carbonara. She liked them a lot.

We also enjoyed Italian bruschetta with garlic and tomatoes.

The bruschetta are made with artisanal fresh bread that Alessandro buys at a local bakery in Rome; as a celiac, I grew up with tasteless industrial products and I am so happy today to find people who get into the gluten free business with a real knowledge of what it is and attention to the quality of what they propose.

I felt relieved and very happy!

I couldn’t leave Taverna Barberini without eating the artichokes called “alla Romana”: I absolutely love both the artichokes and this traditional Roman recipe.

The menu includes also gluten free pizza made with a homemade mix by Alessandro himself: he told us he is still not 100% happy about it but he is constantly working at making it better.

The good news is that there are also gluten free desserts available like the tiramisù but we decided to save it for a next time and a brand new trip to Rome.

Grazie mille Alessandro per la bella accoglienza!

pS if you go there, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Palazzo Barberini just in front of the restaurant; its painting collections include many works of art like Caravaggio, one of the artists I admire the most.

taverna barberini gluten free bruschetta
taverna barberini gluten free ravioli with spinach and ricotta
taverna barberini gluten free ravioli
taverna barberini gluten free spaghetti carbonara
taverna barberini gluten free artichoke

Taverna Barberini

Via delle Quattro Fontane, 160
00184 Roma
Tel +39 06 488 3619



Opening hours

Open daily
Lunch and Dinner









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