Eat like you give a fork!

Souls is a vibrant, funky, laid-back, two-venues restaurant and café in Copenhagen that is 100% vegan, with gluten free options on the menu.

Founded by two Australians and talented Danish plant-based chef Neel Engholm – co- founder and chef at my beloved Plant Power Food – Souls mission is pretty clear and simple: propose healthy, vegan food with a soul, meaning that all the ingredients are consciously selected and locally sourced to have as a little impact as possible on the environment we live in, footprint-wise speaking.

souls restaurant vegan food
souls vegan gluten free acai bowl
souls latte

I went there twice during my stay in Copenhagen: I had breakfast and tasted their delicious açai bowl with oat milk latte and coconut water.

Then, I returned to Souls to have lunch and I opted for one of Souls famous veggie bowls served with artisanal gluten free bread.

It was very good!

Souls is such a nice place to stay, spend some time and enjoy yummy food. The staff is so friendly and that made my whole experience a real joy.

souls restaurant vegan with gluten free options
souls restaurant vegan gluten free delicious food
souls veggie power bowl vegan


Melchiors Plads 3.
2100 København
To discover the other venue:



Opening hours

Open daily
10 am –  8/9/10 pm




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