Soulgreen is a new 100% vegan and gluten free restaurant that opened in Milan almost one year ago: I was there last weekend for some work and also, to show this city that I happen to know and love, to a dear friend of mine, Marie-Laure.

At Soulgreen Marie-Laure and I met with the lovely Micol who works there as communication manager and PR.

We sat at a beautiful, round wooden table and…well, we start looking all around…the design of the place is amazing!

Micol tells us that every object has been recycled: from the beautiful geometry of the wooden tables to the chandelier made out of old glasses and plates.

Water here is free (in Italy you pay it at almost 99% of the restaurants as there is no tap water option) and that because at Soulgreen, they say that water is life and therefore no one should pay for it. They have a big machine that filters it daily and you can have it cold, plain or sparkly.

soulgreen italia
soulgreen italia water is free
soulgreen italia details

Then Marie-Laure and I got lost in the digital menu: a beautiful display of colourful, vibrant, seasonal plant-based, free from gluten foods: burgers and buddha bowls are a must!

We both opted for a bowl: rainbow for my friend and Mexican for me.

We both enjoyed them as well as the coldly pressed juices that look like beautiful cocktails.

The great news for me as a gluten free eater and celiac is that everything is homemade including bread, focaccia and crackers! What a joy! And they were so good! I was really impressed by that.

Then I went for dessert as I know that cooking both vegan and gluten free can be a real challenge sometimes so I was curious to try one and see how it was.

I opted for a chocolate mousse made with avocado, no refined sugar, topped with toasted hazelnuts and a lovely flower.

It was so delicious and creamy, without being too thick or too heavy…the consistency was just perfect!

The capuccino I took with coconut milk was creamy and very good as well.

Micol tells us that at Soulgreen they have developed a programme called « Proud to give back » where they give part of the revenue to a charity called Mission bambini and allow 3 meals per day to children in India.

The main reason why I can say that I love Soulgreen today is that this place is not just a restaurant, it’s not just about food, it’s a project, it’s a vision, it’s about nurturing well-being towards us as human beings, but also towards animals, plants and our planet as a whole system where we are all interconnected, whether we want it or not, and so we have to take responsibility of each action that we do as it has consequences that can have a positive or negative impact in the world we live in.

So happy I was… here!

soulgreen vegan gluten free lunch
soulgreen vegan gluten free bowl
soulgreen vegan gluten free delicious dessert


Piazzale Principessa Clotilde
20124 Milano



Opening hours

Tue – Fri
12 am – 3 pm and 7-11 pm
Sat – Sun
12 am – 4 pm and 7-11 pm
Closed on Monday






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